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Best Logo Design Services in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Graphic Home BD Bangladesh is a renowned logo design company serving Dhaka clients since last 3 years. Our team of logo designers has created more than 5000+ professional brands for business startups, small enterprises, and large corporates. We can help to design a corporate branding for business companies with creative original concepts. This would have strong effect to sustain the company in aggressively competitive market.

Highly experienced and talented logo designers in Dhaka Bangladesh.


How you can get quality logos

In creating logos, quality must be assured. Here are a few pointers to help you ensure that you are getting quality logos for what you’re paying for.


Design questionnaires are extremely helpful. Why so? This is because it gives all the necessary preliminary information. From the client to the service provider, accurate and clear information dissemination must take place. Design questionnaires help with this matter. The client has a vision of what the logo should look and feel like. Now the service provider has to ensure that the vision is realized. There are sample questions below that would help in providing a very accurate price range for your client. Pricing is multi-factorial, and can be increased or decreased depending on different factors such as usage and deadlines.

Below are 20 different questions that you could ask clients before entering a deal in logo design. Right before you execute or propose a concept let your client know that their vision is top priority. This doesn’t only guarantee profit, but also establishes rapport.

  • Follow KISS Rule! Keep It Simple, Stupid

Keep it simple, stupid. This is the so-called KISS rule. Follow this rule and you are sure to have a hit logo and your client will love it. A very cluttered and complicated logo is hard to look at. Somehow, it has the tendency to be an eyesore. This is because there are just too many elements going around and it becomes hard to distinguish which is which and what symbolizes what. Treat logo-making like an Italian dish, the elements have to be fresh, simple, and cohesive. To cite an example, the logo of Nike is just a check mark, right? But it has succeeded to be one of the most famous logos in the world.

Even from the start of the design process, the KISS rule should be applied. Again, it’s like an Italian dish – fresh, simple, and cohesive. Leave out unnecessary components of the design and stick with the essentials of the logo.

  • Font Selection

Readability is crucial. Once a person sees a logo and immediately understands what the logo meant and what it stood for, the design is greatly designed. Otherwise, if the person has to think first before understanding the logo, it may have become complicated to be understood at first glance. A customer only spends three to five seconds to look at a logo. During that small timeframe, it’s a make or break deal. A perfect test for this would be to print a small design first, perhaps the size of a large sticker, then post it on a wall. Step back a few feet. If you can’t read it, fix it.

  • Print or Web?

Here’s a tip for colour: CMYK is for print, RGB is for web. While CMYK and RGB both have its pros and cons, it’s the medium that decides which option is best. The rule of thumb is to have both versions for optimal design. Like the print test mentioned before, this works the same. There is difference between RGB and CMYK prints. So make sure that you get both versions.

  • Logo final formats

Formats must provide versatility. Get both raster and vector files from the designer. Different file formats must be kept. From end products of JPEG formats to raw PSD files, these are all essential to be able to reproduce the logo in various forms of media.